Founders' Statement & Mission

We, the founders of the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services recognize that education, research, and public policy have a direct impact on the effectiveness of our emergency medical service (EMS) system. We further understand that a successful EMS system is dependent on a variety of professionals including dispatchers, police, firefighters, ambulance crews,  hospital personnel, educators, administrators, policy makers, and others.


Therefore, let it be known to all who read this declaration that our use of the term "EMS Professional" is meant to include every individual necessary for the delivery of emergency healthcare to the sick and injured; and that by supporting and promoting the educational skills of these individuals we serve the public good. As a consequence of this understanding we, the founders of this institution, adopt the following mission:


“The National Institute of Emergency Medical Services, its faculty, staff and volunteers shall be responsible for improving emergency healthcare and the emergency medical service system through better education, research, and public policy.”


In accordance with our mission this organization will promote quality educational programs that benefit emergency medical service professionals, conduct scientific research designed to improve emergency healthcare, and serve as an advocate for the emergency medical service community. For this purpose, the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services is hereby established in the City of Washington within the District of Columbia on this day, September 11, 2001.






National Institute of EMS 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Suite 700, Washington, DC 20004


NIEMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving emergency care through better education, research, & public policy. 


Established 2001

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