We lost our lease! The NIEMS School is no longer accepting new students.


Our education center is currently closed while we search for a new location that is suitable for reaccreditation.  


Former students in need of transcripts should send their request to 



       Congratulations to our Summer EMT Class!

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 100% Pass

All 33 passed the National Registry written exam on their First try!


Our Teaching Philosophy

Merely listening to someone read aloud from a slide or a book is boring and ineffective - which is why this type of teaching is never done at NIEMS. Instead, our classes are filled with lively discussions, story-telling, role-playing, and laughter. We fully understand the value of a stimulating learning environment. It's our teaching philosophy that learning should be enjoyable as well as useful. In addition to being educational, we are confident you will find our courses engaging, interactive and entertaining.

The NIEMS School



We understand that a successful career starts with a quality education. Therefore it's our goal to provide you with the very best education available. We are constantly recruiting the most talented teachers the emergency healthcare profession has to offer. Not only is our faculty nationally recognized for their expertise, but they actually like teaching.


Throughout this web site our training is divided into two general types: Academic Programs and Continuing Education. Academic programs are designed to meet the requirements for initial licensure, while continuing education courses are for working professionals wishing to recertify or advance their professional skills. If you have any questions about our educational programs please give us a call. We're here to help you. Student advising is a free service and available by email, telephone, or in person.



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NIEMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving emergency care through better education, research, & public policy. 


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