Grades & Satisfactory Progress

To function as an effective healthcare provider, graduating EMS students must be competent in certain knowledge and skills. At a minimum, the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services uses the following standards when measuring the satisfactory progress of both academic program students and continuing education students:


  • A grade point average of 70% in non-EMS courses.
  • A grade point average of 80% in EMS courses.
  • 90% attendance (or additional training will be required).
  • Proficiency in all required clinical skills - Proficiency will be determined through direct observation by our medical director or by practical examination (pass/fail).
  • Display of appropriate conduct and professional behavior consistent with EMS employer expectations.
  • Please check with individual programs as additional standards may apply.


Should any student’s performance fail to meet the standards of satisfactory progress as outlined above, he or she will be notified immediately and placed on academic probation. Students on probation will be required to undertake remedial training.

Remedial training is defined as additional study requirements due to poor understanding or absenteeism. Remedial assignments may include, but are not limited to, independent study, a research paper, individual instruction, or additional examinations. If the amount of remedial work to be done is extensive, additional charges may apply. All remedial training must be finished prior to the last day of class. If a student fails to demonstrate satisfactory progress after remedial training, and fails to meet the minimum standards for certification, the student may be allowed to finish the continuing education course or academic program if desired, but a course completion certificate will not be issued.

Progress Reports


Every student enrolled in an academic program will be given a progress report at regular intervals throughout the semester. Should a student have a question or be unsure of his or her status, a progress report may be requested at any time. When a student’s participation or score becomes unsatisfactory, the student will immediately be placed on  probation and notified by the instructor. Remedial training may be required.


In general, students are assessed by the overall percentage of exam questions they answer correctly; however, to facilitate the transfer of academic program credit to other educational institutions final letter grades are assigned using the following grading scale:


  • 90% for an A
  • 85% for a B+
  • 80% for a B
  • 75% for a C+
  • 70% for a C    
  • 60% for a D
  • Below 60% for failing


All clinical grades are pass/fail (P/F). Withdrawal prior to course completion will result in a grade of “W”.  Extensions (for paramedic program only) will result in a grade of “I”.   A grade of 80% or higher is required for satisfactory progress in all EMS related academic and continuing education courses. Students with scores less than 80% will not be awarded a program completion certificate.





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