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Hello and welcome to the Department of Public Health & EMS Policy at the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services (NIEMS). As part of our mission, NIEMS is dedicated to improving emergency care through advocacy and better public policy. During the summer months we offer internships for public health students who are interested in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). 

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Although the 911 emergency medical service (EMS) system was initially intended to provide immediate response for unexpected illness or injury, it soon became a safety-net for the poor and uninsured. For too many Americans, initial access to primary care often begins with an ambulance ride to the hospital.


Today's EMS professionals include first responders, ambulance crews, and emergency department staff. In addition to day-to-day emergency care, EMS providers are on the front-lines of poverty and homeland security. In times of crises, such as during a disaster or epidemic, EMS serves a vital role in the public health and safety of our nation. Because Public Health and EMS overlap, the success of any public health initiative must include an understanding of our EMS system.


Participating in a summer internship at the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services is a great way to augment your public health interest with clinical experience. Witnessing healthcare from a patient's perspective is an important goal of the internship program; therefore, interns are encouraged to participate alongside our students in ambulance ride-alongs and hospital observation activities.  Learn more...






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