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2017-2018 EMS Policy Agenda

The National Institute of Emergency Medical Services (NIEMS) is rapidly becoming a leader in emergency services education, especially ambulance crew training. In recent years our expertise in education and research has given the Institute national attention in the media and within the emergency medical service (EMS) community. As part of our overall mission NIEMS is dedicated to improving emergency healthcare through advocacy and public policy; therefore, the Institute will use its emerging reputation and resources to facilitate positive changes within the emergency medical service system.

The Institute's Level of Activity in Healthcare Reform

NIEMS will continue to collaborate with other national organizations to address issues that affect pre-hospital and emergency department practice and public health. The Institute will increase EMS policy awareness by disseminating information and educational materials to our faculty, staff, alumni, students, volunteers, and others. NIEMS will occasionally lobby local, state, and federal law-makers by endorsing or opposing legislation. Priority will be given to specific EMS issues; however, much of the healthcare policy addressed by NIEMS is intended to be global in scope. Examples of activities by those chosen to represent the Institute will include letter writing, congressional testimony, public health announcements, and position statements. Employees of the Institute will continue to participate at the national level on various committees and task forces that address emergency healthcare policy concerns.

How the Institute Communicates Information About Healthcare Issues

Information is communicated to employees, alumni, students, volunteers, and others primarily via publications, educational sessions, conferences, and online. In 2018 NIEMS will begin issuing a quarterly journal. Volunteers and interns are needed for the journal project!

The Institute's Level of Awareness and Concern for Issues in Healthcare

Growing numbers of elderly, new technology, uninsured patients, and system reforms have strained the economic stability of our EMS system. Recent news reports indicate that increasing operational expenses and budget cuts may adversely affect hospital and ambulance staffing, safety, and quality. Undoubtedly the EMS system of the future will face significant challenges in making sure that all patients receive quality care at an affordable cost. Therefore, NIEMS advocates for prevention strategies to keep waste and accidents contained. The Institute also believes that quality educational programs can provide an employer with valuable economic benefits such as increased productivity, better patient outcomes, and less litigation. NIEMS will continue to nationally influence funding for EMS education, recruitment, retention, and safety. The Institute’s ongoing work in addressing education and safety issues is strongly linked to our mission, vision, and values. NIEMS is working in collaboration with other professional organizations to promote workplace safety and cost-effective emergency care.

Future Public Policy Direction of the Institute

We are committed to providing our faculty, staff, alumni, students, and volunteers with the necessary resources to affect positive change in EMS. We hope to make positive contributions in the areas of EMS education, research, and safety.


  • Establish the Institute as an advocate for those who care for, or influence the care of, emergency patients
  • Create strategic alliances that benefit or enhance the Institute’s role and effectiveness as a leader in education, research, and advocacy
  • Define the Institute’s contribution to the ambulance profession and greater emergency healthcare community

Strategies include lobbying for additional resources to assist ambulance and emergency department personnel in addressing issues of workplace safety, quality improvement, and training. Through collaboration with other organizations NIEMS will continue to broaden its sphere of influence to improve workplace safety and ensure an adequate supply of quality emergency medical service professionals for our Nation’s future.



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