Policy Agenda Guidelines

NOTICE: Employees and students of NIEMS are prohibited from speaking to the media on behalf of the Institute unless they have been designated as an official spokesperson in writing by the Director of Public Health & EMS Policy.



The following framework was established by the Board of Directors of the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services (NIEMS) to be used as a guide in developing, implementing and evaluating the Institute’s Public Policy Agenda. The faculty and staff of the Institute have reviewed and clarified this document so that an Agenda may be produced that is based on the well defined needs of a quality emergency healthcare system. The Institute’s Board of Directors is responsible for creating the framework and determining the objectives of the Public Policy Agenda and to assure congruence with the mission and vision of the Institute. The government affairs staff of the NIEMS Center for EMS Advocacy and Public Policy is responsible for defining priorities and implementing the Agenda.


The Agenda’s Purpose


The Agenda’s purpose is to establish an effective program that may be used to advance EMS issues championed by the Institute. Our Public Policy Agenda should provide a clear message about what we represent and what the Institute feels is important for the future of EMS. Through our Public Policy Agenda we will inform our employees, alumni, students, colleague organizations, government officials, the media, and the public about EMS legislation. The Agenda will provide a continuous framework for the Institute to review and report actions that address policies of concern.

Advocacy and Public Policy - Mission Statement


The National Institute of Emergency Medical Services will influence the direction of emergency healthcare legislation by advocating quality education, research, and safety.



  • Increase advocacy efforts through collaboration with other organizations
    that have an emphasis on EMS education and safety
  • Influence the direction of the EMS profession by increasing our visibility
    and voice in public policy matters
  • Develop initiatives related to NIEMS public policy agenda by proposing and
    supporting legislation consistent with our vision and beliefs
  • Develop and provide tools to assist our alumni, students, and volunteers
    in their lobbying efforts
  • Develop position statements to educate faculty, staff, alumni, students,
    volunteers and EMS policy decision-makers on important issues.



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NIEMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving emergency care through better education, research, & public policy. 


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