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Welcome to the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services research division home page. As part of our mission we are dedicated to improving the quality of emergency healthcare through scientific investigation. To make this important goal a reality the Institute has partnered with other educational organizations to form a research consortium. Consortium members share laboratory and academic resources for joint projects in EMS research.

The Consortium's Objectives

  • Bring together within the consortium experienced investigators, administrative expertise, and financial resources
  • Serve as a catalyst for collaboration between EMS providers and scientific investigators
  • Secure funding from the federal government, state agencies, corporations,
    and charitable foundations to train new emergency medical researchers and to
    establish their careers
  • Develop improved investigative techniques for evaluating prehospital treatment and propose strategies for making EMS research easier to accomplish in emergency situations
  • Connect EMS researchers with patient care outcome information so that the impact of prehospital emergency services can be better evaluated and improved

The Purpose of the Consortium

The future of emergency medical care must be guided by clinical research; and, it was for this reason that the National Research Consortium for Emergency Medical Services (NRC-EMS) was created. The Consortium is dedicated entirely to improvements in ambulance and emergency department medical care. The purpose of the NRC-EMS is to provide evidence for the use of new emergency procedures, devices, or drugs and to offer appropriate review of existing treatment methods. In addition, the Consortium intends to investigate EMS systems implementation and EMS education models. By publishing quality research data we hope to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the emergency medical service system and the important care it delivers.

The NRC-EMS also serves as an educational resource for undergraduate paramedic students. To instill an appreciation for the scientific process, paramedic students and others are welcome to take a Consortium course in research methodology, write a literature review, and present their topic in seminar format. Research internships are also available for interested students.



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NIEMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving emergency care through better education, research, & public policy. 


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